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Emily Schmidt

Photographer    -     Milwaukee, WI


A Bit About Me

Taking pictures has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I'm a homegrown photographer based in Wisconsin. I grew up in Green Bay, a small humble town full of cheese and football.  It was in high school that I found my passion for the arts. Photographing my very first wedding at 17, I continued on that path to start my own business. I found odd jobs here and there, healthcare, department of corrections, none of which I liked. I always came back to photography. I found love in photographing weddings, automotive, graphic design,  real estate, fantasy imagery,  portraits, corporate headshots, and community events.  After 8 years of shooting mainly weddings, I decided to tackle a different goal in 2020. Commercial & business photography. What started by chance turned out to be the perfect mix of technical challenge and creative outlet, and now I am looking to expand my skills on all fronts. 

Work Experience & Portfolio

2021 - Present

2014 - 2022

Dec 2018- July 2019

Freelance Commercial Photographer

I currently work independently for companies that need photographic and social media management services. I supply photographs and manage social accounts for two automotive performance shops, take lifestyle and product imagery for a growing skin care line, photograph detailing products for an auto detailing chemical manufacturer, and more. I work closely with marketers and clients to achieve desired aesthetic results, create engaging content, digitally photograph products, in studio and on location, and then retouch the images to create a polished and consistent gallery.

Wedding Photographer

I am a passionate wedding photographer with over 8 years of experience photographing weddings and providing clients with precious visual memories. I have developed and built a business from start-up while establishing a strong customer base. Dedicated to working closely with clients to understand their photography goals and desires prior to their wedding. I foster excellent relationships and referrals by building trust and rapport with customers, have knowledge of various photographic styles, editing expertise, and possess excellent customer service skills. I am able to work with what customers need and how to help them achieve the look and style they request.

Graphic Designer - Custom Offsets

Custom Offsets is a wheel and tire company where I worked as a studio photographer and graphic designer. I created ads for all social media platforms. The job included collaborating with other employees in a team environment, creating and posting templated graphics, producing images and graphics for web development, and shooting and editing automotive and product photos. Part of my role as an in-house creative was managing and reporting social media weekly and daily insights to the team for analysis.

July 2014 - Feb 2018

Home Health Worker - Helping Hands Caregivers LLC 

Fresh out of high school, I worked as a home healthcare worker. It included traveling from home to home helping with personal hygiene, monitoring health conditions, serving meals, administering medicine, providing companionship, and collaborating with medical staff. Here, I learned extensive healthcare facility work experience, organizational and prioritization skills, high verbal and written communication abilities, and how to maintain and update health facility documentation.

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