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Also known as, Syncasta Darko.

(it's my stage name)


Taking pictures has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a small humble town full of cheese and football.  It was in Green Bay, in the 8th grade, that I found my passion for capturing life. It was here where learned that photography is a way of feeling, of loving, of touching. 


It started with weddings. I shot my very first one at 17. From there, I found joy in shooting cars, portraits, products, community events, and everything else under the sun. After 8 years of shooting mainly weddings, I decided to completely change my perspective and tackle a different goal in 2020—commercial photography. What started by chance turned out to be the perfect mix of technical challenge and creative outlet, and I decided it must be the next step in my career, and here we are.

Now, I'm here because your business has a story to tell; a legacy unfolding each and every day. I am here because your story matters – not just to you, but to me. Your moments, your products, your emotions, your milestones: these are what we honor through photography, and I am so excited to begin this creative journey with you. 

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