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Air B&B Hippie Van

Updated: May 20, 2019

Lots of people dream of minimalistic traveling, and only a few actually do. Change is scary, but good things don't come from the comfort zone. I have just returned home from a trip to Colorado. Maya Fern and I found her a van. A 1992 Ford Econoline now named Sparky.

Her plan was to travel to the west coast, Arcata, California, to be exact. This thing was perfect. Minimal rust, no engine noise, bone dry engine bay and undercarriage (no leaks!), mechanics grease on the tie rods (meant someone took care of it). Someone had been living in it when we bought it so we brought it home and got to work.

We made a stop at Home Depot for a tool set, a drill, zip ties, bungee cords, battery powered fan, interior cleaner, a foam mattress pad, screws, eye hooks, zip ties.. and lots more. Everything you would need for in-van repair. I stained and clear coated a measured out wooden board with circular table legs. Replaced a the brake light and headlight bulb. Sanitized the entire inside, being the germaphobe I am.

Next was vacuuming it out and detailing. That was interesting. We were on a very tight time frame so it could not wait.

Next was making it look cool. I screwed a 3 drawer plastic shelf into the wall. Screwed in and bungee corded a longboard, as well as a favorite tapestry, to the ceiling. Purchased a bluetooth radio transmitter for road trip tunes. Rolled out a brand new carpet. Battery operated party lights. Trash can, dog kennel, funky pillows.


With the van all ready to go, engine checked, air fresheners, and a full tank of gas, we said our goodbyes.

Update: The van blew a spark plug in Wyoming. $117 repair.

It then blew another spark plug in Salt Lake. $75.

(not bad for an old van traveling cross country!)

So all in all the entire process cost roughly $3300 with the van, repairs, supplies, and registration fees. You could be living in a mobile adventure vehicle for just 5 months of rent!

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